Hello! My name is Pravin Ghorle.

I belive the great line by Buddha "Whatever the person think, He become."
So, what ever I thought it reflect on me. I think that, there is not a problem that can't be solved by using programming laguage, we can build a problem-related solution by using software.
There are various application on play store but i still belive that lot's more we can build to help of community. As give it a try I have build android basic application, called SpeakEng. you can check out my google play app.
On beside of these I love Reading , Writting and following the Past(Historic Events) . To create a History we know the History, so we can learn too much from it.

Application and Projects

As a final year student me and my team created two projects, But we don't wanted to go with the same way as most of the student followed. So, we first find the problem and as a solution we find the project idea.

1.Information Hub for Scholar

Problem :- There is a website like indiabix where student can assess itself, but they go randomly and not able to follow the flow.
Solution:- As we know that " Teacher know about the student, so he/she can create a test for a particular group of students, that student easily understand ". We build a website where Teachers are able to create test by using the login credentials, in a same way Student also got the login credentials to perform the assesments.
This project solved many problems like, Digital Report, Papers, Access from anywhere,etc.

2.Virtual College Campus

Problem:- While taking the addmission in the college everything is matter to student, so he/she have to visit college. After few days, his parent also want to know the college, and its environment like, where is Department, Administration, etc. While visiting to particular place person has to take care of Time, Money, Reloction, etc.

Solution:- We designed a Virtual College Campus where user can rome within the campus as a player and the player can feel it. So whenever the person come to the campus area he will know everything and it will become easy for that person rome within the campus like he already visited the place.

It's play very important role in the advertisment of the college.

Virtual college campus

Apart from that I have build a Google Play application named

3. SpeakEng

Problem:- Most of the time we feel that there should be someone who can help to make our English communication best. Evey time second person won't be available.
Solution:- I have created an Android application which is able to solve this particular problem, where Robo will act as your friend who will help to teach you the English Communication.

4.React Native

While tranning at the Tudip Technology I had made a hybrid application using React-Native.

5.Chat Application

The Simple Chat application using Java

Achivements and Awards

1. "Virtual college Campus" won the second prize at the project compitition organized by Axiom Softech Pvt.Ltd.
2. Got selected among 200 candidates in the event Tudip Tech Star
3. Got Grate Baby Step award while tranning at Tudip Technology.
4. Got 3 Bronze Badges at Stack Overflow

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